Professional Biography

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Barry Doctor, Software Product Marketing Executive in Minneapolis MN

Doctor has been an executive in software marketing and product marketing for more than 15 years. Recently, he directed all marketing activities at an analytics application / business intelligence software startup, helping shorten the sales cycle and successfully obtain a round of funding. Previously, he was marketing director for an early-stage e-procurement software developer, and was market research manager for an ERP vendor for small contract manufacturers. Doctor was also product marketing manager for Gartner Group Learning, where he was responsible for more than 200 new product introductions, including one of the market’s first e-learning products delivered over the Internet. Successes at Gartner included: the design of a new product launch process that increased sales by almost 21% annually; creation of a new pricing strategy to move the company from transaction sales to subscription sales that increased new revenue streams. He resides in Minneapolis, Minn.


  • Designed comprehensive new product launch process that increased sales by almost 21% annually utilizing best practices and focusing sales team on existing products.

  • Drove new pricing strategy to move company from transaction sale to subscription sale that resulted in increase in new revenue streams from zero to approx. 78% of total revenues.

  • Simplified the positioning of complex products, demystifying the technical aspects, which made it easier to understand the benefits. Wrote key sections of business plan resulting in company raising $8 million in venture funding in tight market.

  • Defined and wrote Market Requirements Document (MRD) for new product and launched it six months faster.

  • Shortened sales cycle by 4 months due to new positioning and clarity of message.

  • Introduced market’s first Internet based e-learning platform and content.

  • Targeted new category of qualified leads based on a prediction of improved revenue generation.

  • Grew lead pool by 300% - 500% in less than six months.

  • Renamed company and established strong brand identity in competitive market – created comprehensive corporate communications system.

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